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Product applications and solutions

Lithium battery thermal safety assessment laboratory instrument solutions
Chemical reaction safety risk assessment laboratory solutions
Hazardous waste attribute identification laboratory instrument needs analysis

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Hangzhou scaphe Trip to east baishan|In the past time from April
Travel for work and busy life added a color£¬A short rest as a better start to dream¡£The company is stronger and be optimal£¬Pay attention to enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life£¬Always take care¡¢Take good care of the physical and mental health of employees as important measures for the sustainable development of the company¡£
Hangzhou scaphe technology for the 7th thermal analysis and thermal dynamic academic conference
Hangzhou scaphe technology for the 7th thermal analysis and thermal dynamic academic conference
Warm congratulations on products scaphe technology co., LTD. Hangzhou calorimeterCEThe certificate
2019Years3Month7Day£¬Hangzhou scaphe technology co., LTD. Gain of heat meterCEAuthentication certificate£¬Certificate shown below¡£The European UnionCECertification rules and regulations:All who belong toCECertified products in the related instructions£¬Exports to the eu region£¬You have to getCEAuthentication certificate£¬And paste respectivelyCEAfter the certification marks£¬Can export to the eu regional sales£¬Otherwise illegal¡£CEThe success of the certification certificate£¬Help my company to obtain the trust of the consumers and market supervision institution£¬In strict accordance with the laws and regulations content standard operating procedures£¬Realize the chemical production and daily life more secure¡¢The mission of more efficient¡£

Scaphe technology co., LTD. Was established in hangzhou2006Years of state-level high-tech enterprises£¬Focus on the security requirements in the field of chemical industry£¬Is to support the chemical process safety evaluation of the test instruments and chemical safety management to develop business with solutions to solve¡£ Since its establishment£¬Scaphe adhere to technology as the core of science and technology£¬Improving independent innovation ability¡£